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Why D&V Movers

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Why Choose D&V Movers

When it comes time to move to a new home or apartment, it can be overwhelming. You have to not only find a new place but also pack up everything, move, unpack, transfer utilities and internet, and so much more. To make the process a little easier, hire a moving company. Hiring the professionals at D&V Movers will make your move much less stressful. If you are looking for a Moving Company in Round Rock Texas, D&V Movers in Round Rock Texas are the guys to call! If you are looking for movers in San Marcos Texas, D&V Movers San Marcos are the trusted movers to call.

No Accidental Injuries from Lifting Heavy Objects

Although you likely feel confident moving smaller bags and boxes loaded with items, what about larger items, like a heavy bedroom set? There is a serious risk that you will at least pull a muscle, if not drop something, when moving it yourself. However, professional movers have tools like carts and trolleys to move items more easily and know the proper technique for lifting without injury. 

No Soreness the Following Day

Even if you do not injure yourself, moving involves lifting heavy boxes. This can lead to sore muscles the following day unless you are in great shape. You don’t want to have sore muscles following a move since you need to spend time unpacking and organizing. If the pros do the heavy lifting, your only soreness will come from cleaning and organizing.

Lower Risk of Broken Items

Movers know proper techniques for lifting and have plenty of experience, which reduces the risk of items breaking. This is particularly important if you have fragile items, such as a big-screen TV. Movers also will know the best way to wrap your TV and other large fragile items, so they do not get damaged during the move.

Saves Time 

The moving process can be time consuming. You have to figure out how best to fit everything in your rental truck, then load and unload. However, professional movers will have a highly efficient process for loading, organizing, and unloading the truck. Additionally, you only really need to have one person with the movers to tell them where items go, freeing up other members of the family to work on other tasks.

No Need to Find Friends to Help

For most people, the alternative to hiring a moving company would be to enlist friends to help them move. While some friends will help, especially if you reward them with food and ask nicely, availability will be difficult. This is not a problem when you hire movers. If you plan on renting your own truck, we recommend calling Uhaul.

What Makes D&V Movers Stand Out

We make customer service our top priority, so you can trust that you will be satisfied with the quality, efficiency, and friendliness of our service. Additionally, our experience extends to all types of moves, whether it is a small apartment, a home, an office, a warehouse, or a long-distance move. We offer additional support via pre-move documents and advice to help your move go smoothly. Let D&V Movers handle the physical aspects of your upcoming move, so you can focus on the technicalities of setting up in your new home. If you need storage in San Marcos we recommend Ranch Road Storage in San Marcos Texas.


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