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How to Move Plants to a New Home

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

How to Move Plants to a New Home

With your incredible green thumb, you have become the go-to person for family and friends who need advice about growing healthy greenery. Although you feel confident in your ability to grow plants and flowers, you worry about how well they will do during your upcoming move.

After babying your plants for years, the last thing you want is for them not survive the moving process. Although, if the moving company you hire will not transport garden or potted plants, you can. With the following tips, you will know exactly what to do to ensure your greenery arrives safe and sound. If you are in the Austin Texas area, Id recommend Creative Plant Designs.

Preparing Your Plants

  • For larger outdoor garden plants, water them thoroughly the day before moving. That way, you can dig up the entire root system.

  • If you have clay pots to move, buy quality packing paper from the moving company, dampen it with water, and wrap it around the pot. For plastic containers, use dry packing paper instead.

  • Cut packing paper large enough to create a funnel that you will gently wrap around each plant. Then, use heavy-duty tape to secure it in place.

  • For extra-tall plants and flowers, place a stake in the pot to give support while moving.


  • When buying quality boxes from the movers for packing up your household, grab a few extras to transport your plants.

  • Poke about five holes in the top and each side of the box before sealing it shut to provide the greenery with adequate air while on the road.

  • For the wet plants that you dug up from the garden, instead of using boxes from the movers, use plastic containers. You should poke holes in these, as well.

  • When putting the now-protected potted plants inside the boxes, keep them as close together as possible. However, place a piece of packing paper in between each pot to prevent them from touching and possibly becoming damaged.

  • Label each box with a permanent marker, so you know what is inside. Although you will move your plants instead of the moving company, it would not hurt to write “This Side Up.”

  • Place the boxes and plastic containers in your vehicle. To prevent them from shifting while you drive, place bagged comforters, towels, and other soft items around them

Outstanding Moving Services

If you plan to focus on moving your own plants, you can leave everything else up to us. At D&V Moving, our number 1 priority is to make your move as seamless as possible. We accomplish this by using a state of art moving truck, cutting-edge equipment and tools, and experienced and highly trained professionals. For more information about our moving services or to schedule your move, we invite you to visit our website. If you are in San Marcos Texas and looking for Movers in San Marcos Texas you can trust D&V Movers. If you are in Austin Texas and looking for Movers in Austin Texas you can trust D&V Movers in San Marcos Texas. If you are in Round Rock Texas, and looking for Movers in Round Rock Texas you can trust our Round Rock Movers. You also can contact us by phone to speak with a company representative.

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