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Moving with your Cat

Tips When Moving With Your Cat

How to keep your cat safe on moving day:

- One of the most important things to do before our team of movers arrive at your home is to tell them that you have one or more cats and that they must not get out. Please try and let us know during the booking process so we can be even more prepared

- Help your cat feel comfortable by designating one room as there safe spot until the rest of the house or apartment is packed up onto our moving truck.

- Keep your cat in the carrier until everything is done. Then, introduce their new world to them slowly one room at a time to minimize stress.

- Please remember to leave food and water and a litter box as well for your kitty.

We would love to meet your Cat & rest assured we know how to treat animals when moving.

If you want to be comfortable with the whole moving process - Call or Text us today D&V Movers. (512-590-4119)

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