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Moving a Piano the RIGHT way

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Are you looking to move your Piano? D&V Movers are here to help. Pianos can be easily moved… but you want a professional team of movers to do it the right way.

Pianos are heavy, very large and for the most part, cannot be dissembled into manageable chunks…This is why musicians and venues entrust this to us.

We have been transporting and moving pianos for many years and have a dedicated moving team that moves on average 2-3 pianos a day during our busy season, we are here to assist you! We have literally seen it all…

Stairs, balconies, wooden floors, difficult turns, and farmland.

Our moving services are based in San Marcos, Tx, Round Rock, Texas but we can assist with long distance moves to most major metros.

We specialize in the transport and assembly of grand pianos as these instruments are not only large and cumbersome but also carry high price tags.

We have specialized moving equipment (covers, straps, and a trolley for upright pianos) that allows us to move through a standard size door, handle stairs and ensure zero damage to your instrument.

The piano is firstly dissembled and the parts are wrapped in blankets for safety before being placed on the grand piano skid.

This is essential to ensuring the safety of your instrument and allows the skid to take the strain in place of your piano.

We are adequately insured from the time we first touch the piano until it is safely in its new home and our team is fully trained to handle your move.

CALL US for piano moving! We have Piano boards that can fit you special item.

This protects the piano during a house move/relocation and is advisable for international travel and long distance. Please inquire about this service with us.

There is no piano too big or small for us to assist…

We are the trusted movers in the San Marcos, Texas area.

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