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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Moving furniture and other heavy items from one place to another can be a difficult task whether it’s a home or business. It requires a lot of effort and may take some time to properly move everything without risking injury or damaging any furniture. Packing and moving heavy items is not easy for the normal man or woman. So, if you want to move items like pianos, heavy furniture, or heavy electronics like refrigerators, you can follow the techniques below for this purpose.

Create a Moving Plan

First, you want to create a plan for moving items from one place to another. Deciding where to start and where to end, helps you so the move is smooth and efficient from start to finish. With a moving plan, you will know where to move and where to turn an item, for example in a certain hallway or stair case in your home. This helps to avoid scratching walls or damaging your items ect. A Moving plan can be very beneficial for your task.

Use additional Tools

Every task will run smooth and efficiently if you have the proper tools and equipment. Listed below are some of the additional tools for moving heavy items from one place to another such as pianos, furniture, or refrigerators.

Furniture carrying straps

Furniture carrying straps helps you control the weight of the item. Using this, you can easily move items without unbalancing your position or the position of moving the piano, furniture, or refrigerator.

Wooden boards

Wooden boards are also very helpful in moving items like pianos and furniture. Sometimes, many items don't have a proper holding point. In this matter, you can use wooden boards to carry those items. Pianos or furniture that are placed on proper wooden boards are less likely to slide around while moving.

Shoulder Dolly

Shoulder Dolly is also an additional tool for moving pianos, furniture, or electronics. It covers your shoulders and gives you an easy approach to move the heavy items. Click here to learn more about using Shoulder Dolly's.

Protect furniture and piano with blankets and plastic

As you all may know, the piano is a very sensitive and heavy item. Pianos are very fragile and can be damaged by a slight hit, so you have to go the “extra mile” to protect these valuable items. We recommend wrapping Pianos with proper blankets and using all proper precautions to ensure the piano is moved safely.

Unplug Electronic Items like Refrigerators

When it comes to moving electronics, such as refrigerators, you want to make sure you are properly disconnecting the water lines in the back of the fridge so you don’t ruin any connections going into your fridge. Zip ties are very useful so you can strap down the water lines while you are moving the fridge in order to prevent any damages to the lines. While disconnecting your fridge, there will be excess water coming out of your water lines. Make sure to have a towel ready to wipe up the surplus of water to prevent any accidents or damages to your floor.

Consider Hiring movers

Moving items when you are new and inexperienced is a very risky thing. You should hire D&V Movers for this task because professional movers have hundreds of hours of experience, are in tip-top shape, and they are used to moving under stressful circumstances. Hiring movers will decrease the chances of breaking your items and will prevent any personal injuries.

We can move heavy tables, piano and furniture for you:

If you are looking for the best movers to move your heavy tables and other items, you can trust us. We will deliver your items safe and sound to your required place with a smile on our face! Our efficient and world-class service work will make sure you don’t have any concerns and worries while moving your furniture and other items.

We have specialized how to work around messier corners and moving down and upstairs, always making sure for the safety of your home and belongings while we are in a moving process. If you have a business and need furniture moved out or rearranged within the same building, we can also do that for you. Our moving team can also help with your big holiday parties by providing services like holiday decoration, birthday decoration, Christmas tree set up, we can arrange it where you like it. You can get our services online or call us at 512-227-4743, visit us on Facebook , Linkedin or email us at

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